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Shoe Shops on the High Street

Shoe Shops on the High Street

Please buy shoes from your local High Street shoe and clothing stores- online is easy and convenient, but unless we get off our backsides (taking appropriate anti Covid precautions, of course) and start supporting these businesses they will disappear. Let's be honest- getting some fresh air does us all a lot of good.

I am appalled at the continued abuse of using shops as a showroom, 'customers' make staff work- check fittings, colours, product names etc. and then go home and order on line. That is despicable behaviour- practiced by people who think they are being clever. Abusing shop's facilities, making people work with no intention of rewarding them, I've seen it far too often. When they (the shops) are not there what then, no service, knowledge, advice??

Online is convenient- but there is a vast amount of product returns, which were never shown in the official statistics, do they provide knowledgeable input? Do they care about you as an individual? Can you call them for advice???

These precious institutions will die without all of our support. 

So please buy local- including our own brand T_LK shoes- Chava is the accompanying image. 

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